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We’ve never met a stranger.

Hey there! It was so nice to meet you at the National Urban League Conference in Houston, Texas this year. We’d love to stay connected with you and your company. If you’ll fill out the short form below, our team will follow-up with you next week!

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Secretly Social
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Did you know? 

Our Founder, Stephanie Bension, served as a dedicated member of the Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals. She volunteered with various committees, and in 2018, after graduating from the HAUL Small Business University, she placed 2nd in the Pitch Competition, pitching Secretly Social! Stephanie was an auxiliary chair of the HAULYP Book Club, a co-host of the HAULYP podcast, The Urbanist Unfiltered, and she was elected by her peers as a PR & Marketing Co-Chair for 2020-2021.

Stephanie Bension

Eric Goodie, Stephanie Bension, Phillip Yates

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