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Anessa Guess

Director of Strategy & Operations

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Stephanie Bension is a storyteller through and through. Her stories have come in many mediums, from marketing to internal communications to on-air talent to production. She has always been passionate about making sense of the world through lived experiences and the narratives that come as a result. Her winding career path has blazed through entertainment venues, non-profits, churches, digital agencies and more, giving her a wide breadth of knowledge in several industries.

Stephanie also tells her own story as a Public Speaker. As a host, moderator or subject matter expert, her huge, energetic presence charms diverse audiences - from her local community to international assemblies. She speaks about overcoming adversity, from opening her own marketing agency to her struggles with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and living with an ostomy.

Earning her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin in Radio-Television-Film, Stephanie went on to earn accolades in the corporate world for over a decade. She recently decided to return to storytelling through entertainment and enrolled in Full Sail University for Entertainment Business. Along with her career endeavors, she dedicates time to several community organizations.

In her well-deserved, self-care moments, she enjoys a good book and an even better meal. Stephanie credits her successes to God and a close circle of friends and family.

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